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Shared Insights from Sandra James, Reach Caregiver

Posted 11/7/2019


                Finding the right caregiver can be a challenge. You want to find a person who has compassion for your loved one and is knowledgeable about their proper care. You also want someone who is trust worthy and will be able to lift their spirits during trying times. Whether your loved one is aging or has been diagnosed with a life changing disease, you want someone who will be a positive light to be around and help them keep their spirits high. At Reach Healthcare Services, we have many experienced employees who exhibit these qualities. One who stands out in particular is Sandra James.

                As a professional caregiver, Sandra has been with our company for four years and has always been a positive influence and caregiver for our patients. She started off in the security business and then decided to make the change to healthcare when her friend became ill and had a tracheostomy. “When working security I just felt like something was missing” Sandra says. “I really wanted something more; something where I could really help people and make a difference”. After caring for her friend, Sandra realized that she felt a pull to help the elderly. This is when she decided to work for a caregiver company so that she would be able to help more people.

                Sandra’s first patient with Reach was a 14 year old boy, who we will call Steven for privacy reasons. Steven was wheelchair bound. At first, he was very shy and did not want to get to know Sandra. He wanted to stay in the house and watch the same channel over and over again. “I really enjoyed getting him to open up and come out of his shell.” Sandra stated, “The number one thing is to get the patient to trust you, then the rest can follow.” Sandra used different methods to get Steven to open up. They played board games and she eventually introduced him to new T.V. shows. Much like the movie “The Upside”, Sandra really brought positivity and happiness back into his life. Since then, Steven and his family have moved, but Sandra still hears from him and his mother. The family is very grateful for everything Sandra has done for their loved one.

                There are many things to learn, and different traits you must have in order to be a successful caregiver. When Sandra started caring for her mother, who has dementia, she learned to have a lot of patience and also mentioned how important it is to have a lot of empathy, and to be able to adjust to any situation that may arise when caring for someone. By having patience and the ability to adjust to the situation at hand, Sandra can better assist her mother. Her sensitivity helps to diffuse the anxiety that her mother feels after forgetting something.

Sandra enjoys being a caregiver at Reach Healthcare Services. “I’m able to choose my own schedule, get to help people who really need me, and the company really takes care of their employees.” When Sandra had to have an important surgery, it was at the end of the year and Reach was going to be changing insurance carriers. Sandra immediately called Julie, the Director of Human Resources for the company, to tell her the situation regarding her upcoming surgery. Julie made sure that Sandra’s current health plan, that covered her procedure and doctor, would be in place as Sandra had planned.

                One piece of advice that Sandra would like to give anyone who is interested in becoming a caregiver is that “you must be a giving, kind spirit. This job is not for the weak of heart or stomach. It takes a mentally strong person to be able to care for others. You must also be flexible because you never know what has happened with your patient before your shift starts.”

                Sandra also adds that “The thing with being a caregiver is that it goes from being a job to something more personal”. When it comes to something personal such as taking care of your parent or loved one, you really want to make sure that you find the right fit. At Reach Healthcare Services we pride ourselves on having staff, like Sandra, that are dependable, compassionate, knowledgeable and upbeat.  Please contact us to learn more about how we would be able to assist you and your loved one with caregiver services at home.