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Reach Healthcare Services welcomes you to the Caregiver, Family & Company Portals. We have invested in online tools for your convenience and support.  We are working hard to ensure open communication while safeguarding our client's privacy. We believe our portal system provides the best option to ensuring continuity of care for our clients.

Reach Caregiver Portal    http://my.adlware.com/cp

Caregivers have access to their schedules, patient care plans, personal links, and company information.  Our scheduling system requires the caregivers to confirm all schedules on-line, thus virtually eliminating opportunitites for miscommunication.

Reach Family Portal           http://family.adlware.com

The Family Portal allows for real interaction with the Reach Healthcare staff.  Our clients and their designated family members will be able to review the care plan, see the schedule of caregivers, and much more. News, resources, and real time review of care is available with 24 hour access.

Reach Company Portal     http://my.adlware.com/lead

Active employees enjoy easy one click access to review the company's EMR and scheduling packages.