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Online Annual In-Service Education

Reach Healthcare Services partners with the Compliancy Group to provide simple but innovative HIPAA compliant training for our staff through their web-app, The Guard. This provides us with everything we need to satisfy Health and Human Services’ regulations.

Training through The Guard goes beyond a PowerPoint and connects our employees with the most recent industry information and allows them to immerse themselves in the education experience.

This web-based application allows our management team the ability to ensure our employees are gaining a true understanding of the regulations and not just a brief summary of the expectations. The Guard was created specifically to simplify the HIPAA regulations in order to ensure employees can comprehend the gravity of compliance.

The following topics are covered in The Guard for our employees:

        • Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation
        • Advance Directives
        • Bloodborne Pathogens
        • Chemicals in the Workplace
        • Emergency Preparedness
        • Ethics
        • Exposure Control
        • Fire Safety
        • Grievance & Governing Body Policies
        • HIPAA & House Bill 300
        • Infection Control
        • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
        • Privacy
        • Proper Body Mechanics
        • Rights of the Elderly
        • Risk Management & Safety
        • Stark Law & Non-Solicitation
        • Tuberculosis Disease

To log into The Gaurd to complete your annual inservice training, please visit: https://guard.compliancygroup.com/login.php


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Employee Feedback Form

Reach Healthcare Services employees who want to ask questions, express constructive opinions, air grievances or make suggestions are encouraged to complete this form and email or mail to either Human Resources or Executive Management. Please see the linked form below for more details. 

Employee Feedback Form