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Laughter Yoga

Posted January 16, 2018


Laughter yoga is a new sensation that is quickly taking over youtube and even the corporate environment. Many industry professionals are realizing how beneficial laughing is and what it can do to keep you healthy, and encourage a tight knit bond between individuals.

Laughter yoga is a new unique exercise program which entails prolonged laughing in various different tones, forms, and techniques. Despite the name, there is no actual “yoga” involved in laughter yoga. Therefore, you can practice it in virtually any environment whether you are in your car, in a big group at the office or by yourself in the comfort of your own home.  The idea behind laughter yoga is that, as you force your body to laugh in different variations, it eventually leads to a real, genuine laugh.

There have been many scientific studies that have proven the psychological and even physical benefits of laughter such as:

Relaxes the muscles in your body - This releases the tension and muscles in the body, which leads to a calmer state of mind and the release of physical tension in the body. This sense of relaxed muscles can last for up to 45 minutes.

Boosts the Immune system – This activates t-cells in your body which immediately starts to help increase your immune system to help fight off infections.

Triggers the release of endorphins – During laughter, stress hormones decrease and the body’s production of endorphins increase. Endorphins are known as the “natural painkiller” and can help relieve chronic pain, as well as promote peace of mind.   

Burns calories – That’s right, laughing burn calories. One study showed that for every 10 to 15 minutes of laughter, a person can burn about 40 calories. Now, this is not a replacement for going to the gym, but it’s a good start!

Many companies have started using laughter yoga as a way to bond their team and get the week started off right. By getting their department heads, and staff employees, in the same room to take a few minutes to practice laughter yoga, it can make for a very light hearted break from the everyday pressures and stress of business. This really allows the team to take a moment to relax and promote happy, healthy experiences that they may carry around with them for the rest of the day, or even week, while at work.

So the next time you find yourself stuck in rush hour traffic, or dealing with a stressful situation, give laughter yoga a try! You might be shocked by the end results and how well this program really works.